Course Curriculum

    1. Watch: Course Preparation (04:56)

    2. Welcome Survey

    3. Official Trailer (01:47)

    1. Watch: Module 1 (25:09)

    2. Supplemental: Module 1 Guide

    1. Watch: Module 2 (26:41)

    2. Supplemental: Module 2 Guide

    1. Watch: Module 3 (17:05)

    2. Supplemental: Module 3 Guide

    1. Watch: Module 4 (22:32)

    2. Mid-Point Survey

    3. Supplemental: Module 4 Guide

    1. Watch: Module 5 (31:56)

    2. Supplemental: Dr. Matthew Breuninger Practical Advice

    3. Supplemental: Module 5 Guide

About this course

  • $49.99
  • Created for new fathers or fathers of pre-teen boys
  • Featuring interviews from fathers and therapists
  • Christian-based approach to marriage and sexual education

Watch the Trailer

Encouragement to be the father you are created to be.


  • What does FORGE do?

    FORGE fights for the family. FORGE provides resources, conducts research, and facilities grassroots experiences in service of family flourishing. Our vision is a world full of empowered fathers and thriving families.

  • For whom is this course designed?

    This course is designed for all parents with children in the home. The content is valuable for anyone seeking to raise healthy children in the midst of our present complex world. Though the course is valuable for any parent, it focuses most especially on supporting fathers of sons.

  • What is the purpose of this content? What will I learn?

    The purpose of this content is to give parents (particularly fathers) the tools that they need to raise sexually healthy kids in the modern world. Fundamentally, this course responds to the question, “In the midst of a sexually confusing world, how do I raise my children to sexually thrive?”

  • What if I have technical questions or need support while going through the course?

    Please email questions to [email protected].

  • How long do I have access to this course?

    This course is accessible for 18 months, after which time you will need to re-purchase the course.

  • Can I take this course as an individual, couple, or group?

    The course can be taken as an individual, couple, or small group. If you are taking this course as a group, each member of the group needs to make an individual purchase of the course. The course contains six modules (plus one bonus module). Each module has both a video and a written component. The videos are 20-30 minutes long, and the written components are 12-20 pages. The end of each text includes questions for use in a small group setting.

  • What is FORGE’s statement on marriage, sexuality, and gender?

    FORGE affirms that humanity is intentionally and immutably male or female. Marriage is a lifelong commitment for one man and one woman.